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Some our recent project include the following:

A Model Log Home

A unique, award winning master planned log home with three 1/2 baths, gourmet kitchen, wet-bar, 25 ft ceilings with full internet, phone and cable TV in every room and hydronic heat. It is located on 76 acres with a view of three mountains, the skyscrapers in down town Portland and the whole Redland, Viola District community.



The Richardson Deck

This patio/ deck was built over the lake on Lake Oswego. With steel pan-deck and concrete over galvanized steel piling, the rock surface and gas fireplace makes a beautiful entertainment area. The sinuous rock wall and sweeping staircases add a touch of elegance to this back yard overlooking the lake.



Ironwood deck, bench and flower planters


Using ironwood, an almost impervious hardwood, Highview Construction, built this beautiful deck, bench and planters to create a unique and beautiful spot to relax after a hard day at work.

Other Projects


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